"SOIL SUPPLY is one of the very few companies CERTIFIED in the area
that can offer the delicate & proper mixture for rain gardens."
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A raingarden is a shallow, constructed ground depression that is planted with deep-rooted native plants & grasses.
It is located in your landscape to receive runoff from hard surfaces such as a roof, a sidewalk and a driveway. Rain
gardens installed with
SOIL SUPPLY Rain Garden Mixture slows down the rush of water from these hard
surfaces, holds the water for a short period of time and allows it to naturally infiltrate into the ground providing plants
and grasses with much needed natural clean rainwater.
A raingarden can be thought of as a
water quality system because it filters the runoff from roofs and lawns and
recharges groundwater.

SOIL SUPPLY'S Proprietary Raingarden Mixture:
Careful attention is needed to ensure the delicate and proper mixture of sands, fines and other materials for the
proper drainage of water.  Without it, the raingarden will fail and not drain properly, which will result in a mess and be
a very costly removal/ redo.  
SOIL SUPPLY is one of the very few companies certified that can offer this proper
mixture for raingardens.

A raingarden also conserves municipal water resources by reducing the need for irrigation!
Raingardens are a beautiful and colorful way for homeowners, businesses and municipalities to help ease storm
water problems. There is a growing trend by municipalities and homeowners to incorporate natural processes to
help relieve flooding and pollution.
This Rain Garden Installed Using SOIL SUPPLY'S Certified, Proprietary Raingarden Material (Click to View).
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