Soil Supply, Inc. is a family owned and operated business in Huntersville, NC.

Soil Supply, Inc.  As it is today was developed from its earlier years in the grading industry in 1969.  After soils and mulches came to be in more demand in our area, Soil Supply, Inc. began providing soil and mulch on a much larger level with its screening process back in 1991.  Today, after years of continually meeting changing demands, Soil Supply’s success is due mostly as a landscaping products supplier, producing mulches and soils of the highest quality with its ‘Products Of Excellence’ standard;  a standard not ordinarily achieved in the industry.

Soil Supply has grown to be the supplier of choice when it comes to landscape materials such as soils, mulches, stone and gravel and much more but Soil Supply also is known for its ability to supply these materials on a large scale level in a short period of time.  You might say that Soil Supply is in the trucking business too, considering its logistics ability to meet demand.

As always, Soil Supply very much enjoys catering to the small landscape order with a small-town feel and is very proud of its local business style.

“Visit Soil Supply once and you’ll be hooked on our reliability, quality and integrity.”

What You Get... Premium Quality Products at Great Pricing!